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Folk Songs excerpt


1:30 excerpt of a 12 minute film

Images excerpt

2 minute excerpt of a 24 minute film

No Man excerpt

2 minute excerpt of a 40 minute film

Everybody comes from somewhere.

Three films, three styles, three stories of family.

Everybody comes from somewhere. Descent is a film compilation where memory and reality, fact and fiction collide. Three award-winning filmmakers, employing three different stylistic approaches, explore familial relationships, personal stories and cultural traditions.

Films in the compilation:

Folk Songs, Prod/Director LeAnn Erickson, RT 12:20

Images of Flying and Falling, Prod/Director Ariana Gerstein, RT 24:00

No Man is an Island, Prod/Director: Sonja Lindén, RT 40:20

Program runtime: approximately 80 minutes